Hello Again

Hello My Friends!  I have missed you.  As you probably see or saw....I took a little hiatus.  I needed it.  I also think I am just going to do the blogging thing on a I want to blog basis, meaning when I have something to share or talk about I will blog instead of giving myself deadlines and schedules.  Too stressful for me!

So much has gone on.  My nephew was born and I got to be at his birth, amazing!  He is perfect and doing fabulous.  I also have a new niece.

My girls had Spring Break and we kind of just hung around town doing things that they like to do, hanging out in our PJ's.  It was relaxing and I am missing the sleeping in, as we are back into the school routine today.

My 4 year old is getting ready to graduate preschool in May, and I just can't believe there is only a little over two months of preschool left for her.  I am not a crier.  I didn't cry at my wedding or at their births, but since I have been a parent I have realized how precious time is and I think I might cry at this little graduation.  I have been warned...music, pictures, the whole nine yards.  A real tearjerker I have been informed!

We are also waiting to hear back on our choice school and charter school lotteries to see where she will be for Kindergarten next year.  I am not nervous but I am a planner and it is starting to be tough for me to not have a plan yet for next year.  I mean I have to plan for uniforms, supplies, etc.

My little one still has two more years at preschool.  I am kind of glad I don't have to say goodbye to that place yet.  It is like a happy little bubble...I am not ready.

and of course we all had the viral cough from you know where.  I got pneumonia from it, because I have asthma but basically it has and still is nonstop coughing around here.

So there are the updates!  I am going to have a really cute purse review the end of the week and a giveaway to share with you.  So please stop by.  Missed all of you.

Here is a pic from the weekend when we celebrated a friends Birthday!  They are my beautiful butterflies.



gina valley said...

Welcome back!

Jenny said...

Thank you :)

Evan White said...

hi. I am a 16 year old wjo has a mentaly behind lil sis. How can you handle a billion kids?? my sister is 8 but has a 3 ywar olds brain. I can't cope with her. i just want to know how you can handle having kids without having your head blown off. I like little kids sometimes i babysit for extra $ so how , as a mom, can you cope with kids without loing your pantience??