Our New At Home Behavior System for My Preschoolers

Let me say first that I am huge advocate of positive reinforcement and I also don't like behavior systems that are too hard to learn and too over the top.  My big thing is that you have to use a system in your home that you are going to follow through on.  If you don't, there is no reason to even have it in there.  Since I am not the most overly organized person, I needed something simple and something the girls would respond to.

Teachers are the people to go to when you are looking for behavior management.  So many teachers are incredibly creative when it comes to managing an entire class.  I love to look at their ideas on positive reinforcement and classroom management and incorporate them into my home.

I went on the search and found something on Pinterest that was right up our ally and I thought would definitely work for our family.  This basic idea is used in many different ways and so easy to make it work for your family.

All I needed was counting bears and mason jars for each of my daughters.  I also made a little treasure box of toys from the dollar store.

Basically all I do is give the girls bears if I "catch them being good".  I do not bribe them with bears and they never know what it is that might get them bears, or how many bears they will get.  Once their jar is filled up they get to pick a prize.  Now yes if they do something I do not like, such as fighting, not listening, etc., they do get bears taken out.  If you look around Pinterest you can use marbles, buttons, etc.

I printed out a cute image and put their pictures and name's on it so that they know its theirs and I put a line on the back to show them when it was filled up!

I have them take out their bears or put bears in, because I want to reinforce the lesson, and I ask them why they got bears? or why they had some bears taken away?

blacked out their names for privacy reasons :)  

Eventually I might add in chore charts and if they do their age appropriate chores they will get bears.

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Sara said...

I really like this idea, but is the extent of the consequence that some bears get taken out of the jar, what if you are having a bad day and there aren't any bears to take away. We've been struggling with my daughter lately, things that used to work aren't working anymore and we had a particularly bad day where she bit and pinched me (she's 3.5 and I think that is the thrird time she's bit me and she's never bit anyone else), I think she's acting out as we've been cooped up at home with all this winter weather and schools been canceled more often than she goes.

Chubskulit Rose said...

THat's a great way to train the kids. I do award system here at home as well. I have stickers for them for every chores done, every good deeds, and for behaving well. At the end of the year, they count the stickers and I I turned it into cash which they put in their own bank accounts.

Casey K said...

I think this is an awesome idea and I may take it and modify it for my family if you don't mind. I appreciate you sharing this!

sonya said...

This is a really good idea. My son is just about to turn 3. He never went through a terrible 2 phase but lately he's been really testing us. This is great for positive reinforcement.