Weekly Cleaning Routine Tip: Lunchboxes

Ever open your child's lunchbox at the end of the week and have to deal with a strange smell permeating from it, or wonder what is growing in it?  Well, maybe it isn't that bad but I have tried to get in a routine of cleaning my girls lunchboxes on a weekly basis.

On Friday night or Saturday morning I fill the sink with hot soapy water and I throw their lunchboxes in there.  I then rinse it with hot water and hang them to dry.  They are usually dry in a few hours or by the next day.  It helps fight those pesky lunchbox smells and I then have nice clean lunchboxes to start off the week.



Monicas Mom Musings said...

My middle daughter is notorious for not giving me her lunch box or its contents and then I get all of the grungy contents from it at once. That's always fun to deal with.

gina valley said...

It's amazing how gross their lunch boxes can get. I insist they clean themselves. It helps that I've taught them to put a paper towel in the bottom each day before putting the food in, but it still gets nasty. I wish they all had hard, easy to clean boxes. But, since they don't I throw the soft ones into the washing machine once a week (turned inside out, if possible), using hot water so the plastic/vinyl stays soft. Then, we air dry them.
Personally, I'd rather they used a paper sack and threw it out! Lol!

Jenny said...

I wish I could throw my girls lunchboxes in the washer machine! I agree the brown paper bag is so much easier!