Both of My Girls Are At School

I can not believe it.  I have noone home with me.  My older daughter started Pre-K and my little one is in the Pre-K inbetweens (basically between 2 and 3).  I am so incredibly proud of them.  They truly fill up my heart everyday, even on the days I want to pull out all my hair!

Over this past summer they have become the best of friends, and are really forming an incredible sisterly bond.  It is unbelievable to really watch.  When I had two under two my days were filled with feeding, diapers, changing, clothing, washing and sleeping.  The girls played of course but I was consumed, like most parents with their needs.  Now that they are getting a little older and their needs are slightly less demanding, it is amazing to sit back and watch their bond and friendship form.

I sit there and imagine the days that they get married and have children, and how they will always have each other.  I have really been blessed.  I know I am jumping ahead here, I mean seriously Pre-K and Prek2!  So we have a long road of amazing milestones ahead, but we really had a very special summer together.

My older daughter did wonderfully on the first day of school.  She was most excited about her brand new shoes and her homework folder.  Ah, innocence, you can't beat it.

My little one is only going three days a week, so today was her first day.  She did great until she realized I was leaving her and she stood there whimpering a little with some tears in her eyes.  Thankfully she has such a loving, caring teacher that gave her a great big hug and changed her mind about Mommy leaving.

I always have taken my Mom's philosophy when I leave them in someone else's care.  Just go.  Give them a kiss and get out.  When my Mom left me at college we got my room all ready and when it was time for her to go she gave me a hug, a kiss and the sign of the cross (we are Catholics, so we kind of do that every time we leave someone for a somewhat extended time), and she said bye love you.  That was it, and she was gone.  Although it was like having the band-aid ripped off it was much better on me, so I always try to remember that when I am leaving my girls.  Just rip the band-aid.

How did your first day of school go?  If your children aren't back yet, how are your preparations going?



Theresa Sutton said...

That's great that they're becoming best friends. This makes me miss my sister so much. Because we're only a few years apart we've always been each other's best friends. Especially since we grew up as Army Brats and typically moved every two years (one time we moved within 11 months). It's very comforting to know your daughters will always have each other to look out for one another.

On another note, I recently wrote a post about bullying that you might be interested in reading. I've been speaking with mothers who have children a few years older than my daughter and they say it's getting worse and worse. It's enough to drive me to consider homeschooling. Anyhow, let me know what you think. I've read some posts by other mommy bloggers lately that have great resources for coping with bullying.

Jenny said...

This is great. I actually have a resource for blogs against bullying. Contact me so maybe we can maybe coordinate something :) Thank you for stopping by!

Monicas Mom Musings said...

Awww, they grow so fast. I hope they have a great year. Kindergarten next year ;).

We haven't started yet. Another week and a day for my middle daughter and week and 2 days for my oldest and my son.

Soooo, today I got all the medical stuff cleared up. I have dentist appointments all scheduled for the upcoming months. My son had his yesterday and my oldest has her appointment next Wednesday for a cleaning, then the baby goes in September and I couldn't get my middle daughter in until November. Scheduled eye appointments. I thought they were supposed to go earlier so looks like my middle daughter will have to suffer longer since she broke her glasses at the end of the year. She doesn't need them real bad at least. I have to go pick up the form for my middle daughter's inhaler at school, I'll hopefully get that next week. They are refilling her script for her inhaler too because it expires this month.

Now I just need to shop. I just don't know when the heck I'm going to do that. We need a few special outfits for the first few days of school. I ordered their backpacks yesterday, they should be here tomorrow or Thursday. And I have got to get all of their school supplies still. I feel like such a procrastinator. This whole back to school thing really snuck up on me.