What is it like?

To be you?

The woman I see passing by me in the grocery store, or at Target.  You have perfect hair and perfect makeup with the perfect outfit.

Your kids sit in the cart quietly, and are perfectly dressed and actually listen to what you say.

I'm sure your house is perfectly clean.  Laundry is done, Dinner is prepared perfectly every night and breakfast is on the table every morning.

Im sure you have a perfect husband too.

What is it like to be you?

Do you exist?

I hope you do, because I compare myself to you all the time.

Truth is mama's that woman compares herself to you too.  You think she is perfect, and she might just think you are perfect too.

Last Wednesday my cleaning lady was at my house, just like she is every other Wednesday.  I was struggling that day with fatigue and whiny preschooler and toddler.

I finally fed them lunch and got them into nap, when my cleaning lady turned around and said "Jen, I really admire you for all of the patience you have with your girls, you are an amazing Mom"


Just Wow.

I turned around and said "Thank You"

I was really struggling that day.  I wanted to run down the street screaming.  I looked terrible, I felt terrible.  My kids were not happy.  I just felt like it was one of those days that you just want to go to bed and redo. However, through all of that mess she saw my "perfection".  She saw it even after she saw the huge pile of wash that has been sitting there since the last time she came, and the toys all over my four year olds room.

She saw that I was a good Mom, even though I looked like I just walked through a carwash and my kids were crying all afternoon and fighting.

She sees it.  She really does.

So you see my friends, don't sell yourself short.  Stop apologizing for the Mom that you are and just be her.

Because the truth, and the real truth.

The perfect Mom, she does not exist.  Yet we all compare ourselves to her.

We are all perfectly imperfect and our children love that perfectly imperfect.  They love you whether your makeup is on or its not.  They love you whether your breakfast is straight from the freezer or you were up all morning slaving away.  You are perfectly imperfect to your family and that is all that matters.

We are all just doing the best that we can, even the woman with the perfect hair, makeup and kids that listen that walks by me in the grocery store.


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Monicas Mom Musings said...

So true Jenny. We're looking at the perfect mom in the mirror everyday. The perfect mom for our kids.