Weekend at Home and Some Other Updates

My Little One Snuggling In Mommy's Bed
Turns out that my older daughter that I wrote about on my blog yesterday, actually now has Strep Throat and a double ear infection.  They think it started with a simple kid virus that wiped out the good bacteria and left the bad to grow, resulting in the bacterial infection.  I knew something different was going on last night when she was drenched in sweat all night long.  I remember that from having pneumonia.  So we are on our way to feeling better!  We are armed with some antibiotics and a prescription for rest and hydration.

My little one was also tested for strep since she now has a high fever, but it was negative.  So we are at a watch and wait with her.  Hopefully it just goes away and we are back to our normal summertime activities!

Playing Candy Land
Daddy is away on a fishing trip all weekend so I just foresee a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sharing my bed with my two cuties.  My girls get very clingy when sick, so I do allow them to sleep in my bed when they aren't feeling well.

Favorite Thing Friday is going to be coming back starting next week.  I am getting back to my normal blogging schedule after taking off for the past few months basically.  I have been thinking how I wanted to move forward with the blog and I hope to do more personal posts than I had been doing.  I love to share all my favorite things too, and giveaways so they will be happening as well, but I really want to go back to a more personal level here.  I feel like I disconnected and got a major writers block that I couldn't get past for a while.  No clue what was causing it, but I just figured that a step away and a rebirth of what I love is the best medicine for it.

Otherwise, those are our weekend plans and I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and have a wonderful weekend.

Any fun plans for this weekend?


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