Travel Florida: Disney World Vacation May 2013- Reviews of Hotels, Rides, Restaurants

My husband and I took the girls to Disney World for a small 3 day vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  Yes it was pretty packed, but we had a great time and I wanted to share with you our itinerary.  We live three hours away from Disney so we don't usually go longer than a couple of days.  This time we left on Friday and came home on Monday.

Where We Stayed:  Port Orleans-Riverside

Positives:  Good Price for this type of resort.  Has a great pool, good food, and the rooms are clean and fairly roomy.  They aren't huge, and don't have a kitchen, etc. but we did fine and there was a little eating area for my girls to eat breakfast and snacks.  The room has a refrigerator which was very nice since we kept food and drinks for the girls in there.  The beds were fairly comfy and really there were no huge complaints.  They also have horse and buggy rides that go around the resort grounds if that is something you might be interested in.  You do have to pay for it, but it did look like a lot of fun.  The resort runs ferry rides to Downtown Disney as well for convenience.  The property is beautiful as well and really gives you the feeling of being in New Orleans.  They also have a fun piano bar that is family friendly where they play music for the whole family at night.  As with most Disney resorts they have a full service snack bar area, as well for late night snacks or quick meals.

Negatives:  Like many of the Disney Resorts it was a hike to get from the car to the room.  There were also no carts to bring the bags up, which I must say was quite interesting.  We had to tote all of our luggage, etc. up ourselves with two little ones.  However, I have been to Disney many times, and this tends to happen with many of the resorts.  My only other negative was that the bus services took forever from Port Orleans.  We waited almost 45 mins to an hour for a bus to Magic Kingdom that was almost all the way full when it arrived.  It is what it is though.  I am sure it was because it was one of the busiest weekends at Disney and when at Disney you just have to go with the flow.

Where We Ate:

Boatwright's Dining Hall- (Port Orleans-Riverside)
Can I say Yum!  Many times at Disney lots of the food kind of tastes the same.  You kind of eat at many of the places for the ambiance and not the food per se.  However, the food here was great!  The menu was filled with many things you would find in New Orleans and they also had a regular children's menu with your typical kid foods such as, chicken fingers and french fries.  They have a great beer, wine and drink menu, as well.  I was thoroughly impressed with my experience and food here.

1900 Park Fare- (Grand Floridian)
What I loved about this experience was the Characters that they girls were able to meet and the totally great photo that we had taken there.  What I didn't love was the food.  It was your typical Disney buffet food, but I know we were paying for the experience and not just the food.  The desserts and drinks were good though and my girls liked what they ate.  So I did leave with a smile. I also think that they need some updating to the space.  I stayed at the Grand Floridian many, many years ago and it is basically the same.

Garden Grill- (Epcot)
We love the Garden Grill.  You are served family style with great selections of turkey and gravy and usually a fish too.  The kids get there own family style offering of your typical kids foods too.  The dessert is amazing too.  The ambiance is so much fun, as well since it is a revolving restaurant and you also get to meet Mickey, Pluto, Minnie and Chip N' Dale.  Yes the restaurant goes around in a circle at a very slow pace.  Don't worry you won't get dizzy.  As it revolves around you get to see the different areas of the ride that goes on below.

What Rides We Went On:  (My girls are 2 and 3 years old)

Magic Kingdom

  • The Pooh Ride
  • Storybook Princesses (we used fast pass)
  • The Carousel
  • It's a Small World
  • Peter Pan Ride
  • Under the Sea
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (my older daughter and husband went on this)
  • People Mover
  • Tea Cups

  • Nemo Ride
  • Spaceship Earth (twice)
  • Living With the Land
Final Thoughts

I felt that it was sort of too crowded while we were at Disney this time.  As a teenager I didn't mind the crowds, but holding your two year old in line in 90 degree heat exhausts everyone.  We had so much fun though and really enjoyed spending time with the girls.  I will say it was much more enjoyable in the evening when it is really hot out.  We had a great time watching the fireworks at Epcot and walking around there too.

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