Home Again, Home Again

I remember when I went off to college 1200 miles away from my parents.  I was pretty scared.  I didn't know a soul at the school I was going to and I was moving far from anyone I knew.  I am a homebody and I also get pretty bad separation anxiety, so you ask why I would do that?  Well I wanted to go to the warm weather, and I wanted to live in Florida pretty bad, so I just did it.

Not to say I didn't call my Mom everyday, but I had a really awesome time and I loved going to school in Florida.  I ended up staying here and getting married and now I live here with my family with no plans of ever moving back to NJ.  I enjoy visiting NJ but all of sudden it has become less and less my home.

I never thought that would happen.  Maybe part of it is that my parents moved out of my childhood home last year, or maybe it is that I have a circle of friends in Florida now, and we are established and happy here.  I can't complain about the weather too much either!

I sat next to two guys that were going to Miami for one of their Birthdays on my plane back to Florida the other day and one of them asked me if I missed living in NJ, and for the first time I said No.  I don't anymore.  I really have grown to love living in Florida, and that didn't happen right away.  It took many years of living here to grow into Florida life.  I never thought I wouldn't miss NJ, but I guess now I just miss my parents.  I am actually trying to get them to move here too, but my Dad is still a very successful Dr. up North so that wouldn't be happening permanently for a while.

Granted I do miss some things, like Windmill Hotdogs and Pete and Elda's Pizza and the feeling of the first day of summer, that you really just don't get in FL.  But that isn't my home anymore.

I used to cry about how much I missed the Jersey Shore, but now I like it as a nice place to visit for a short while and then return to my house, my bed and my little life that I have here.

My sister and I were sitting on the beach in NJ the other day and we realized that wow this is so much different than our Florida beach days.  The weather is just getting warmer up there and the ocean, well the girls could stand putting a toe in, but it isn't like we could go wading as a family in the clear warm water, like we do in South Florida.

In some ways I am sad that I don't miss "home" anymore, but somewhere along the way Florida finally became "home".  I never thought it would, but it has.



Monicas Mom Musings said...

You know I think this is why I like you so much. A northern gal who ran away from home to go to college in FL. I did the same thing ;). Well, except I didn't stick it out in FL. I miss FL terribly, but it was quite the adjustments. I missed the changing leaves so much so that my mom had to send me leaves from home my first year in college. And quite frankly I guess I wasn't there long enough to get used to pumpkin picking at the grocery store because pumpkins don't grow in FL or seeing the precut Christmas trees everywhere, but knowing I couldn't get an ever green. Well, of course I always went home for Christmas when I was in college so I got to have my "white" Christmas. I think that's what I would miss the most if we ever permanently moved to FL. It'd still like to make FL my home though.

Dara said...

I don't miss NJ either!

Jenny said...

:) Im with you Dara!