What Sound Does A Mouse Make?

The other day I was going over shapes with my little one, and then we moved on to what sounds all of the animals make.  It keeps her distracted while I am changing her diaper.  This is what she said when we were talking about what sound a mouse makes.

Me:  What sound does a mouse make?
Brynn (my 2 yr old):  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Come Inside, It's Fun Inside (while singing)

Oh Boy don't know how to correct that one!



Monicas Mom Musings said...

Teehee, silly girl not Mickey Mouse ;). My 2 year old would probably have responded by saying, "Hot dog, hot dog!"

Carrie Stickney said...

LOL! We were visiting my sister-in-law's when my son was 3. She asked him what cup he wanted and he said the 'toodles' cup. It took us FOREVER to figure out which one he was talking about! I <3 Mickey Mouse!