A Day of Spring Planting with My Kids

One Morning a Few Weeks ago I decided to let my girls help me replant my Aloe and some other little plants that I had around.  They just love to get their hand in some dirt and water.

Truth be told, when my 3 year old was around 2 she used to water the flowers on my rugs!  My Mom and I always have fond memories of walking around puddles on my floors.  Thank Goodness I decided not to invest in high quality things until they are a little older.

So I got a small bag of potting soil and my girls went out in their pjs after breakfast.

They so enjoyed every moment of it.  

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

Cute pictures!
Please link up http://savegreenbeinggreen.blogspot.com/2013/03/wordless-wednesday-3-year-old-picture.html

Jenny said...

Thank you so much :) Thanks for visiting!