Guest Post: Potty Training Pitfall and Giveaway

One in five healthy children do it, among the special needs population the stats are higher. It’s not a hot topic of playground conversation and parenting classes fail to include it as part of the curriculum.

Our family was consumed by it and might I add, thought we would never conquer it…by now you’re probably wondering what “it” is. So, I’ll end the suspense by revealing the name of this great offender and introduce you, the reader, to one of the most frustrating aspects of potty training…bowel withholding.

For those of you feeling crushed by the weight of this issue, I feel your pain…our daughter trained easily and readily for urination but struggled mightily with bowel elimination until the age of four. Despite endless Google searches (did I mention “endless”?) and countless calls to our pediatrician, none of the recommendations produced the desired results. Our lives were consumed by trips to the bathroom and what was not happening within the four tiled walls. A stay at home mom, I naturally turned “her” challenge inward… Was I trying too hard? Was I not trying hard enough? Was there something going on in her little mind?

None of the other children her age seemed to be fighting this battle. Although, she wasn’t withholding to purposely upset the household…at the time you would have been hard pressed to convince me (or my husband) otherwise.  I felt isolated and somewhat embarrassed by the fact that MY happy, well-adjusted, bright child was seemingly the only one of her peers who entered pre-school wearing … (please don’t tell) a pull up!

As if dealing with this (seemingly all alone) wasn’t enough, adding to the frustration was the lack of printed material for children struggling with this widespread but seldom discussed potty training problem. As a result, I decided to turn our family’s experience into a book and self-published, I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way! A Book for Children Who Refuse to Poop. In a crowded market, it remains the only story of its kind…written entirely from the child’s perspective. I believe it is an essential tool for any household with a “poop refuser”. I’m not claiming that it will solve the problem but it will definitely help.

Eventually, our daughter did overcome the tremendous obstacle (whatever it was)…I can’t say that it was the result of any magic potion or formula. Despite an endless amount of patience and persistence on my part…I did maintain my sanity…and so will you! Believe me when I say…you are NOT alone!

Tracey J. Vessillo is formerly of New Jersey. She now resides in Naples, Florida with her husband and daughter, Olivia.  In addition to publishing I Can’t, I Won’t, No Way! , Tracey maintains a Life Coaching practice.

Her interests include: volunteering, appearing in productions with Naples Ballet and photography.

Readers may contact Tracey @ tracey.vessillo@yahoo.com

Thank You Tracey!  Turns out my little one is having a very similar problem.  I can't wait to buy the book!


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Ruby said...

My little angel is 14 months old. But I would definitely love to learn everything about potty training !

CarterFamilyof9 said...

I have 8 children ages 8 and under- the youngest 3 are in diapers, although the oldest of those 3 is day time potty trained, that is, until she has to poop. Then it's "I need a diaper!" - and I know she means, "I have to poop!"

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

For my granddaughter
vmkids3 at msn dot com

Stephanie H. said...

I want to give this to my friend who is potty training her son and is getting frustrated.

lpninapin at gmail dot com

J. Olson said...

I want to win this book because my 7 month old will be potty training one day soon and this might help her(us)!!

jenzen69 said...

Littles is going to be ready real soon and its a great book to own