Rainy Day Activities

It has been raining so much where I live lately.  Having a 1 and 2 year old and it raining every day is not fun. They get bored and I get stir crazy.  So I have been trying to come up with some fun things to do with them.

In South Florida this is just how our summers are.  It is kind of like winter for the Northerners.

Here are some things I have been doing with them:

  1. coloring
  2. going to indoor play areas
  3. movies
  4. play tent
  5. Playing in the sink
  6. Jumping in puddles outside
  7. Indoor picnic
  8. Dancing around.  There are some great shows that have dances on them.  My 2.5 year old loves to try and do the dance moves.  Even the baby gets into them.
  9. Making a roadway in the house and having my older daughter act like she is a car.  She has to stop at the stop sign, etc.
  10. Having a pretend camp out with blankets and watching cartoons

I want to do some more stimulating things on these rainy summer days.  It rains everyday here starting at 2pm, or it sometimes just rains all day in the summer so I better stock up on some ideas.   I took to the best place to find such ideas.  Pinterest!

Here are some links to some fun ideas I found

Here are some just for the toddlers in your life (not all are for inside)

What are some activities that you do with your family on a rainy day?

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Meleakua said...

yay! thanks so much!! it was rainy here yesterday but otherwise has been sunny.. but i bring my son with me to work most weekdays so have been looking for more indoor activities so i don't have to drag him in kicking & screaming every time we get a customer at the store :D thanks~ i've found some really great ideas- some that would work at work, & some for home! :)

Jenny said...

There are some great one's on some of those links. Obviously you have to find the age appropriate but it I never thought of so many of the ideas and they are so easy to do! Glad you found some you liked :)

Shell said...

Thank goodness for pinterest and all its fab ideas!