The Princess Potty--Can't Leave Home Without It

I have hit an interesting, but supposedly very common snag with the whole potty training thing.

I can not leave my home because my daughter will not use another type of potty besides the princess one she trained on.  It has nothing to do with the fact that it has princesses but its the potty itself.

I never thought I would be held prisoner to my house because of princess potty.

I thought it was bad the year of H1N1 when my daughter was a newborn and we weren't allowed in public places.

This is worse!

We can't go to a restaurant.  We can barely go to the grocery store.

I am trying not to enable but you know how you have to remain positive, yeah well my patience is waning thin on this one.

I crumbled and tried to bribe.  She didn't care if I offered her a huge chocolate bar, she isn't sitting on another potty.

I thought I was all smart having the Potette Plus that was easy to bring with me and if she was afraid of the big potty she wouldn't have to use it because the Potette Plus would be in the diaper bag.

Nope, forget that Potette Plus.

Im serious this is a problem and supposedly common, but there has to be something I can do.

My daughter is smart, no ounce of "making it fun" or "bribing" is going to pull the wool over her eyes.

I do have to leave the house some time.

I have no idea what to do!  Suggestions please.

Then we might have to talk about the toilet paper being all over my house....but that is an issue for another day.


Monicas Mom Musings said...

What if you try to transition her to the potette plus at home? Or get her to use the big potty at home first. Where she's comfortable to begin with. Or is there someplace she really wants to go? Disney World? Chuck E Cheese? Someplace she wants to go. Then you can explain to her that you can't bring the princess potty there. It's just too big to carry around. Just like mommy and daddy don't carry the big potty around with them everywhere they go she can't have her princess potty. If you want you can give her the option of using your potette potty, but this is the only way that going to this place she really wants to go is possible. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Well we are going to Disney World soon. I told her that she couldn't go unless she went in the other potty and showed it to her. She said she wouldn't lol and didn't care. I am going to try and introduce the potette at home and see how it goes. It has been kind of crazy since my husband started a new job. Just waiting for things to die down a little. UGH. Thanks for the support ;)

Morrisa said...

We have one of those seats that sit on top of the potty. He hasn't become attached to it and he will go in public, however, we are facing our own potty training issues so I'm no help at all! Just wanted you to know that you weren't alone.

Ada said...

Oh dear. Good luck with that. I hope you can get your daughter convinced that all potties are as great as her princess potty!