My Top Savings, Deals and Coupon Apps

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I received an iPhone for Christmas and I can't tell you how much it has helped me!  Savings and organizing are some of the apps that I am currently obsessed with.

Here are some that I am loving!

Deal News
Deal News has their own website and these is just an add on to that to help you when you are out and about.  Their tagline is "Where every day is Black Friday".  That pretty much says it all.  It keeps you informed about deals on many different categories.  It is available for iPhone and Android.

Grocery Pal

Loving, loving this app!  Alright confession I wasn't a great saver and this app has really helped me.  I saved $55 the first time using it.

This app allows you to make grocery lists and find savings and your local stores.  It does comparisons and you can also use their website (Twicular) to work on your list and deals, while it automatically makes any changes on your phone.  Offered for iPhone and Android.


Is an iPod, iPad and Android App that locates great deals on the market for that day.  Everything from computers to your baby and family needs!  I have seen some really great deals on here.  You can look by category or even add a deal that you found to share with others.  Easy to use and helpful too!


I have a serious shopping crush on Target.  If you call me on any given day there is a high likelihood that I might be at Target.

The Target app is great because you can purchase products, scan barcodes, follow any deals going on for that day or week and it is all very easy to use.

Don't forget to sign up for their Coupon alerts, also!

What are some of your favorite deal apps?

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