Favorite Thing Friday Blog Hop 5/4/12

Hi Favorite Thing Friends.  Link up a favorite post or post about a favorite thing at the bottom.

Another week and another favorite thing.  Hmmm my favorite thing this week is a Publix Italian Sub, which I just ate in two seconds flat and it gave me heartburn.  I discovered them in college....they didn't give me heartburn back then!

Put The blog hop on your site by visiting this link and picking the best script for your blog.  Thanks everyone!  and have a wonderful weekend.  I really have fun reading everyone's favorite thing and I promise that I always get around to it.  Some weeks it might take me a few days but I get there.  I appreciate having all of you join me every week.


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Jenny,
I hope you won't have heartburn when you have them again!:) I have also had the experience of having problems after eating things that I used to enjoy many years ago. Thanks as always for hosting. I really appreciate it and have just passed on 2 awards to you. Have a great weekend.

Jacki O. said...

I used to love onion bagels with chive cream cheese and the last one I had caused me to make an emergency stop at the closest gas station for Pepto--my shoulders hurt! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience :( Have a good weekend!

Jenny said...

It was so strange. Never doing that again. I never get heartburn lol.