Potty Training- Day Two- Where is the end of this roller coaster?

Day Two Didn't go much better than Day One.  Accidents all over.  Nothing in the potty.  I wanted to give up all day long. I must have texted my friend (who coincidentally is doing potty training this week herself...with much better results) and told her I was going to quit about 10 times.  Thank God she is there because I probably would have. My husband wasn't much of a support.  Long day.

Basically I have decided not to give up for a few reasons.

She is getting the concept, just hasn't followed through yet.
She isn't upset by anything.  If things were disturbing her and upsetting her, making the potty training negative I would most definitely stop.  I just need her to do it once....so I can reinforce with positive rewards.  JUST ONCE!!!

Also, she got into my rewards.  I left the M & M's on the table and wouldn't you know I found them all over the floor.  So M & M's are now off the reward list.  Not much of a reward now if she had all she wanted today!

So again:
Big Girl Panties On
Running her to the potty when she is going (have yet to get anything in the potty)
Reinforce with Positive
Be Consistent

I am personally exhausted and frustrated...but she isn't which is a VERY good thing.  Unbelievable how this is emotionally draining.

Kind of ready to get off this roller coaster with one pee pee in the potty!


Candice said...

This is encouraging. I want to start introducing the potty to my 14 month old! DH thinks I'm crazy, but I feel optimistic! Good potty vibes coming your way. :)

Jenny said...

I would wait :) but I have known some to potty train at 18 months old. Developmentally they usually aren't ready until after two, but you just never know! My daughter is 29 months old.

kyna... said...

I have totally been considering doing this! My little one will use the potty when we put her on it, and has been doing that for almost 3 months now, but she just wont' tell us ahead of time when she has to go! So we are considering using this "boot camp" type method and hunkering down for a few days. I can't wait to hear how the rest of it goes for you. Good Luck!
{big hugs}

♥ Kyna

mom2natnkatncj said...

I am sure you have looked at numerous methods. And I have gone numerous different routes with all my kids because what works for one never works for the other ;). Have you thought about bringing her to the potty every half hour just to sit on it? If she goes great have your party and your reward just so then she can see what you want. If she doesn't go try again half an hour later. It seems kind of hard to watch her every second to see if she's peeing. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding this process and that's actually what you are doing. Either way I seriously have to say give it oh another 363 days before you exclaim you are ready to give up, lol. Just kidding, my experience with my son has been really unusually long. My girls were both completely trained within 6 months if I recall correctly. Going through it I know I was saying this is the pits and once I was done and I looked back on it it really never seemed as bad as when I was right in the midst of it. Kind of like childbirth I guess ;). Maybe it's one of those things you have to block out the details of or you would actually never do again.

Heather said...

Good luck! I never enjoyed the potty saga. I feel for you.