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Make shopping fun again with Lela!

What is Lela? Learn more about the experience that is Lela in the video below.

Your going to like it!

I know that when I was pregnant and registering for my first daughter I felt lost and overwhelmed by all of the decisions that I had to make regarding baby gear and products.  I mean how many different strollers could there possibly be!  It doesn't end there....you have to continually research to figure out what the best products would be for your family and child based on your lifestyle and what you need.  I still had to research my heart out when getting ready for my second daughter.  Things change so quickly in the world of baby and kid's gear and products.  It is hard to keep up and know what is best for you.

I have had so many of my friends call me after going to register and tell me that they didn't register for anything because they were so overwhelmed.

Now there is an answer to your shopping problems!  Lela is a new website that finds out your personal preferences by you taking a quick and fun compatibility test.  The website then matches you with products based on the outcome of your test.

Below is what one of the product pages looks like.  Not only does Lela match you with products it also gives you extensive information on the product so that you know whether or not it is a good match for you.  I love that it doesn't just give you run of the mill information.  It tells you what features are good for parents, kids, babies, infants separately.  It will also tell you what is included with the product and what things you might want to get additionally.  Overall, it is very thorough in giving a great overview of each product on the site.

Even after matching you with products based on your compatibility test, Lela, allows you to personalize your experience even more by filling out what matters to you most regarding the product you are shopping for, making your search even easier!  You can find this on the left sidebar.  You can see it asks you the price range, what type of stroller, the type of family it is for and the style you are looking for.

Not only does Lela match you with the best product for you it also finds the best price!  Looking at stores such as Giggle, Amazon.com, Diapers.com and Kmart you will be shown the best prices and exactly where the product can be found.  So no more scouring the internet to figure out where you can get the best deal.  Lela does it all for you!

Lela Knows!  So you don't have to.

This would have made finding a double stroller that met my needs so easy when I was pregnant with my second daughter!

Right now Lela will match you up with the following products: Strollers, cribs and car seats.  In the coming months they will be adding more and more products and baby gear to their site!  They will be adding highchairs, baby monitors, baby carriers and cameras very soon.  So make sure you keep checking in for more product choices.

Also, in the coming months Lela will be introducing an Ipod app and after that an Android app.  How great is that going to be!  You could be registering or just be searching for the perfect product and you can just pull out your phone and be matched right away with the click of a button!

I hope you will join me and sign up for the Lela website.  It doesn't cost anything but it will be invaluable to you and your family.  http://www.lela.com/register

You can also find Lela on Twitter @lelaknows and on Facebook.  So please follow them to learn more about their website and keep up to date on their new features that they will be rolling out.

I am so happy that I was able to share this with my readers.  The website really does making shopping easier and enjoyable.  I really loved how much information that the site is providing.  It really is one stop shopping at its best.  Everything you need is right in front of you.  No need for the thousands of books and websites telling you what you should buy and where.  Lela does it all for you.  I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do!  www.lela.com

disclosure:  I was given the opportunity by Mom Fuse Pop Alert's to review the Lela website.  I was not compensated in any way.  These are my true opinions based on my experience on the website.

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Jamie said...

I don't think I've ever felt so overwhelmed as when Hobbs and I were registering (trying to register) for the baby shower. The wedding was SO much easier and because of that, more fun!

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