Confessions of a Hurricane Failure

So with Hurricane Irene churning in the Atlantic and headed directly at many of my family members it brings me back to the many hurricanes and tropical systems I have been through.

I went to college and grad school somewhere that gets slammed with hurricanes and well it kind of happened for the six years I was in school. We got hit left and right with storms. I swear I moved there and they started coming and didn't stop year after year.  I learned VERY quickly how to get myself through these storms and made lots of mistakes on the way.

First and foremost.. If the hurricane is headed your way please stop reading my blog and please,
please, please get prepared.  I know that it is overwhelming when you are listening to the TV, etc., but they are right the earlier that you are prepared the better you will be.  I hope it doesn't hit and you have an overload of water and batteries....that would be the BEST scenario and I promise you if that happens you  will eventually use the things.  Better to be safe than sorry.  This is not the time to be frugal.

Okay so here are some other important tips:

1) Please bring some sneakers with you when you are evacuating.  Flip Flops, and heels aren't going to help you when you are dealing with no power, hurricane shelters and walking through debris.

I remember a category 5 was headed directly at me.  Most of the school ran home and I ran to my Aunt and Uncles house.  I was told to get my own non-perishables and water and to come directly over to their house.

Yup, I had the nonperishables and water but guess what I was wearing platform flip flops.  My Aunt and Uncle were so mad at me.  They kept exclaiming..."Why would you wear those things when there is a category 5 hurricane headed at us".  That storm skirted us but after that I always wore sneakers when I evacuated.

2)  Don't leave your car parked on a waterway.

yup, did that too.  I can't remember the size of the storm but it was fairly big and headed at us.  I was living on the beach so I was under mandatory evacuations.  However, I had to go to work.  So my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, was in charge of finishing things up and leaving.  He left my car parked right on a body of water.  GREAT.....

I wasn't allowed back over the bridge to get it.  So there my car sat lonely.  I ended up calling a towing service and paying an arm and leg to get it towed over to their lot.  It survived, and my husband barely did.

3)  When you are in the grocery store DON'T PANIC.  Seriously you get this overwhelming feeling when everyone in the world is getting their food and water and it makes you get this panicked feeling inside.  Just go in for what you need (bring a list with you).  Stand in line, and get your stuff.

I remember going to the store with my sister in law before a storm.  She wanted a certain kind of water.  I told her to stop and just get some water and lets go.  We got our things and I got into line.  She saw that the kind of water she wanted was being put on the shelves so she left me.  She was seriously standing next to me and she started screaming my name because she didn't see me right away...I'm telling you the panic gets to you in the store.  It made me laugh so hard and I hit my head on a magazine rack.

4)  Don't fall asleep during the storm.....We got hit with a hurricane once and the front part of the eye hit us and we didn't have much of a problem.  So as the eye went over us my husband figured he could just go to sleep....what he didnt know was that the back part of the eye was sooooo bad.  I was really scared and things were flying outside of our house.  He slept through it and was shocked how scared I was.

5)  When in doubt turn around.  This is very serious.
I got hit with a tropical storm once at college and for some reason the amount of rain that we actually received was about 10x worse than what they were predicting.  I got into my car and started driving out of school.  There was a big flooded area that I thought I could make it through...well it was much higher than I thought and thankfully the only thing that happened was that I lost the starter in my car.  You can die doing this...so PLEASE just turn around if you see a flooded area.  No reason to take the chance!

So yes some of these stories may make you snicker.  However, the point of this post is that it is important to get prepared early.  A panicked feeling kind of comes over everyone as the day gets closer and if you are ready you are in the best possible position.  You won't make the mistakes I made.

Here are some very important links for those of you in the path of the storm.  Please get prepared.  All of you are in my thoughts and prayers and I really hope that it misses everyone!  Listen to authorities and the tv.

National Hurricane Center Hurricane Checklist

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business cards online said...

Hurricanes are really tough but you gotta be tougher. I am glad you shared your thoughts in preparing for hurricanes. They are really helpful. I guess, aside from preparing and planning, you should not panic when you're already in that situation. Stay safe!

My Sanity Blog said...

Hope everyone in the line of the hurricane stays safe! I always cringe when I see people try to make it across a flooded area, it isn't worth the risk!

Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said...

Hurricanes are scary! My very first one was Ike in 2008, and my son was only weeks old. It was the weirdest and scariest time of my life. By the way..
I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you'll stop by my blog and accept it.

chubskulit said...

Hi there, found you through Friday Friend Connect and now following. It would be a pleasure to have you on board at my sites. See ya and have a great weekend.

Optimistic Mom said...

Thanks for the tips. We don't live on the coast, but close enough! We are in the area to get hit bad when it turns into a tropical storm. I have been stocking up on a few items in case of power outages. I wanted to beat the people in panic at the stores. ;)

mom2natnkatncj said...

It has been a good 25 years since there has been a real hurricane here in my state and now that it looks like we're getting directly hit with Ivan everyone is in a panic. The water was wiped out at the grocery store today. Well, not entirely, but there was no more of what was on sale. So we did get water, but my daughters were asking why people do that for a hurricane. You know in all honesty I'm not even entirely sure. I guess our water could be effected by a storm surge, but honestly we are not that close to the ocean. I was really just getting bottled water because that's what we drink in our house and we were all out ;). We did buy batteries too for our flashlights because my son is forever taking batteries out of things. We're just hoping that the pillar on our porch holds up through this storm. Our landlord is ignoring the problem. So hopefully we still have a porch when all is said and done. I won't be setting foot out there during the storm ;).

Just Jenny said...

my parents are supposedly getting directly hit. They live on the beach. So send some prayers to them.

mom2natnkatncj water supply gets affected after the storm. Can't drink the water...and I have been unable to drink water for 5 weeks out of a tap after a storm. Not trying to ensue panic because the stores usually open up first even if their power isn't on and they get stock.
Another good tip is to freeze water bottles...works very well to keep things cold...because ice doesn't stay around very long! praying for all of you :)

mom2natnkatncj said...

Wow, I can't believe I called the storm Ivan, lol. Silly me. Typing too fast. Anyways, my husband works at the grocery store so I think we'll be good ;). I doubt they'll close the store. We don't close for blizzards. This could be a first ;).

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Jenny,
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who could be affected by Hurricane Irene. I know what experiencing hurricanes and storms are like as I live on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. You give some very important information in this post! I wrote a post titled 'FACING WILD WINDS TOGETHER' on my Blog about the experience my twin and I had during Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. I learnt about your Blog on the Friday Blog Hop and I am happy to be now a Follower. Take care and my best wishes to you.

Just Jenny said...

Judy Gilbert must have been terrifying. I went through Wilma (that was my worst).

Amber said...

I hope everything will be alright! Stopping over from the blog hop!

Cheryl@OntheOldPath said...

I am way up in Canada no wheres near an ocean and we only ever get a bad rainstorm. I found this post really informative as I have never had to deal with a hurricane. I always pray when I see the storms on TV for safety for those in its path. I am a new follower from the weekend blog hop. Hope you'll pop by and follow too.

Courtney said...

I started following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop - Week 21! I am a part of the blog hop. :)
I'm following your site, Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, Networked Blogs, etc. if applicable!
Have a great weekend!

-Courtney P.

Karen Pokras Toz said...

Hi - newest follower from Freaky Friday Follow Hop - you can find me at http://kptoz.blogspot.com Thanks for the tips - we are not in the direct path of Irene, but still under a Hurricane Watch. Scary...

DisneyMom said...

Hello! My in-laws live in Myrtle Beach and they decided to come up to visit us (since they weren't sure if they would get hit by Irene).

I am following you back via GFC and liked you on Facebook!

http://beautybrite.com and http://beeskneesreviews.blogspot.com

Votes, Stumbles, Follows, oh my! ...Let's Get Ready to Stumble!

Mare said...

Irene is hitting us right now in northern NJ! we are prepared!
newest follower!

Sweet Vintage Lady said...

Hurricanes are so impredictable so better be safe than sorry. I loved how you had your flip flops with heels.
Seriously, great tips on what to do. Filling up the car tanks is also another must after buying water.