The Great Babysitter Search

Seriously, if you have a babysitter consider yourself lucky. Ugh, I have been struggling with finding a babysitter since my older daughter was about 6 months old. I must make an embarrassing confession....my husband and I have not been on a date with just the two of us since I was pregnant with my older daughter 2 years ago. I know its really sad. We don't confess this to many people because they may declare us insane. Such is life.

Remember the Babysitter Club books. I am dating myself I know. Where are these girls? Stacey, Mallory, I am hiring...and remember to bring your kid kits because I am sure your going to need them.

Also, many people say I should have family watch them. Okay, are you going to pay for the plane ticket for them? I do have friends but they have multiple children, or they work.

I tried calling a few people that I have gotten good recommendations for but they were either looking for children to come to their house for a daycare situation (which is not what I am looking for), or I didn't get a call back. You know its really bad when you are sitting there looking at your phone waiting for a phone call from a babysitter, just like when you were dating some boy as a teenager waiting for them to call you....I know pathetic. By the way I never sat by my phone as a teenager waiting for a boy to call me....or at least I won't confess that.

So here I sit. No nanny or babysitter. I just can't get my head around using a website to find me someone that is going to take care of my kids. I know many of those people are fabulous and I know they get background checks but I just can't do it.

I am jealous of my friends that have wonderful nannies...where did they find them? I want to know...was there a nanny fairy that just sent them. Anyways, I am still hoping that this one potential candidate was away for fourth of July week, weekend, and the next few days and that is why she didn't call, but its looking bleak. I have a few other ideas on the horizon so I am going to start researching them...in hope they are the one. I feel like I am trying to find a husband to marry.

I don't want it to seem that I am desperate (okay maybe I am), but I would like some added help, and maybe one date with my husband this year!


Reasonably Less said...

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an.Alaskan.mom said...

I've always had the same trouble. Getting help was so impossible and we had family around. It is infuriating that it is easier now that they are older and don't need a sitter.

Seriously, if I raise them right, they don't need to be watched at 14, 11, and 9.

We had finally found one great sitter who cleaned too, but that wasn't until my youngest was 3 or 4. I do believe multiple children scare the bajeezes out of people. Wimps.