July 17, 2014

Liven Up Your Drab Mommy Wardrobe

Lets face it.  Our Kids all have a cute wardrobe, and we wear the same boring outfits everyday.  Well don't ditch the basics, just add on and you can have a cute outfit any day of the week, even if your just dropping off at school!

You don't even have to spend a lot of money to get some color into your closet.  Make it fun.  Find some fun accessories and go for it.  Spend money on your basics, such as, a pair of khaki shorts, pair of black capris or pants, a skirt or two, and then add some fun!


Cute Tops

Colorful knit tops or a jewel-tone blouses can add a splash of color to a solid color bottom.  Check out StyleCaster to find out the best colors for your skin tone.


Fun Shoes

There are so many options for colorful shoes these days, and when you're talking color, the cheap ones are not necessarily more or less colorful than the expensive ones. Go for a pair of colorful pumps or jazzy flats, or even dress sandals (wear colorful toenail polish!). Unlike boots, pumps, flats, and sandals can be colorful without being distracting.

Necklaces and Jewelry


Put some sparkling color around your neck with necklaces. There are so many possibilities here, from polished glass beads to rhinestones on colorful cords. Choosing something with a nice pop of color can dress up even a drab outfit.

Bracelets and earrings can be worn for the same reasons, adding a splash of color to business attire.


Bags to add to your basic wardrobe

Handbags are where you can bring a bit of whimsy and jazz into your basic wardrobe. Patterns and colors can spice up a plain outfit and show a bit of your personality and make it stand out. If you like, start small - carry a little handbag with pretty colors.


Fun Scarves

Scarves were a workplace stand-by not too long ago, but you can bring them back in all kinds of ways. Folded scarves can work as a headband for your hair, or you can find various ways to tie them around your neck. You can also use them as a creative alternative to a belt. Solid colors might be a good place to start, or subtle patterns that match your outfit.


Fun Belts

Tucked-in shirts and elaborate belt buckles were popular in the 80s, but you can still dress up an outfit with a solid band of color around your waist. Belts can add color to pants or skirt outfits, and you can add a matching handbag for color coordination.  Have a plain maxi dress?  Find a thick colorful belt and it will change it to a brand new outfit!  So much can be done with belts.

So take control of that closet again, and bring life back to your outfits!


July 15, 2014

Different Directions but Closer Than Ever

When I had 2 under 2 or should I say 2 under 18 months, it was almost like having twins, but it wasn't.  They were close enough in age to buy the same clothes for them, but they were slightly different in where they were in developmental milestones (of course).  Unlike twins they are not going to be in the same grade, they are not going to do things the same years, but they are close enough to have a deep connection and want to do everything together.  They are always joined at the hip, and now my two are closer than they have ever been.  They play for hours together, have conversations, share a bedroom.

Now a new change has me worried.  Do we ever stop worrying!!  Let it go....Let it go.... sometimes I think that song is singing directly to me and my Mommy worries.

My older daughter is turning 5 and will be starting K at the local elementary school, and her sister is still in preschool and won't be at the elementary school for another two years.

They have always been together, until now and I am worried! I know they will be fine, but the other night when I was talking to my oldest she mentioned that she is excited about Kindergarten but that she is really going to miss seeing her sister in school and on the playground, and my 3.5 year old turned around and said how much she is going to miss her sister.

I almost melted into a pile of mush.

I know they will be fine, and they need to have their own independence along with their very strong sisterly bond, but its hard to see them go in different directions.


July 10, 2014

A Sprinkle of Memories from my Grandparents

Our days are filled with memories, sprinkles of memories.  Memories we are making or memories we are remembering from the weekend or even 30 years before.  Memories that make us happy, sad, cry, laugh, and on and on.  These memories are important.  Sure pictures are important, but its the moments that go fleeting through our minds that are even more important.  Take it all in they say, but in truth you don't truly take it in until days or years later when you have that memory pop up in your head.

I was talking with my Mom the other day about my favorite memory of her parents, my Grandparents.  I miss them a lot.  They passed away when I was a teenager, but I have lots of memories.  My Mom has the pictures, but I have some really great memories.  I remember my Grandmother's mac n cheese and how she always had one baking in the oven just for me when I would be coming...even if it was a holiday and she was cooking for other people.  Or the small cups of milk she would give me, and for some reason the milk from her refrigerator always tasted the best.

My favorite memory of my Mom's Parents though can make me laugh until I have tears rolling down my face.  It is hysterical.  Sometimes I need that memory to get me through a tough day.  Maybe that is what memories are for to get you through certain situations, they make us who we are afterall.  Anyway back to the memory.  My Grandparents were watching me, and I was in the living room watching TV.  They had a cartoon channel on and I was watching Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (remember that show?).  Anyways my Grandmother called from the kitchen asking me what I was watching and I said Chip N Dale.  I have never seen my Grandmother and Grandfather run soooo fast in my life into the Living Room.  I saw them sigh with relief and say "Oh, It's a Cartoon!" and they laughed.  I later learned they thought I was watching the strippers from Chip N Dale's on TV!!! Hahahahaha! So funny.

I have great memories of my Dad's Parents too.  My Grandfather died when I was a teenager too, and my Grandmother passed away last year.  My Grandfather used to put me in the hammock they had in the back that was strung up in between two trees and he would make it into a swing for us. He would push us forever in that hammock.  I think he truly kept replacing that hammock just for us.

My Grandmother holds so many special memories too.  Memories of drinking tea, playing Go Fish and watching the Golden Girls.  So many memories.  Or the week she watched me when my parents went away and it was Spirit week at school and she had to help dress me in all kinds of crazy clothes.  or later in her life when I would talk on the phone with her weekly.

I miss them dearly, but I know they are there looking over me and I have these memories to hold on to!


July 8, 2014

Flying By

All June I had the girls home with me.  All June I kept saying how it will be nice when July comes and I get a couple of hours to myself when they start camp.  I felt they were bored and driving me crazy!

Now Camp is here and I drop them off and I miss their little faces.  I miss the princess dresses being strewn all over the floor.  I miss the crayons and drawings all over my living room and them running up and down the stairs to the playroom.  I can not wait to pick them up everyday!

The summer is flying by, which somewhat scares me.  The years are already flying by.  My first little baby is going to be turning 5 in a month! I hope I remember to stop and smell the roses because I am now realizing what people meant when they told me to soak it in when they were babies because it doesn't last forever.

Last night while the girls were upstairs dressing up and playing princesses, I wondered to myself how long the princess phase would last.  That soon enough I would be walking in there and they would be talking about teenage stuff.

Wow I am getting too emotional now, they are just at half day preschool summer camp!  So stop and smell the roses Momma's.  Yes they drive us nuts, but boy do I miss them when they are not here with me all day everyday.


July 6, 2014

Middle of the Summer Stresses and June Recap

My girls haven't even started camp yet, and I am already getting emails about buying backpacks and uniforms!  I am one of those moms that stresses when I start feeling the email pressures.  Basically companies love me because I buy early and buy too much!

The girls were finished with school June 5 and most of June was spent celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, going on Vacation, and Doctor visits.  July is hopefully going to be quiet, except that I feel I am back to a school routine with packing lunch etc., for camp everyday.  However, I think the girls will have a great time.

This is my first year having to buy uniforms for school and I keep hearing how I have to buy earlier so they don't run out, which gives me stress!!  I am sure I will have too many things, plus I always panic about the size because for some reason nothing quite fits my older daughter, who is long and thin.  So then I stress that if I buy the wrong size she will grow out of it in a month and there will be nothing left.  Which leads me to buy the next size up and then I have double what I need.  I am nuts, I know.  Is anyone else like me?

Then I hear the horror stories of those buying the Pottery Barn Backpacks and how if you don't buy them early if you are personalizing them, you might not get them in time for school.  So I panic.  I bought my daughter's yesterday.

Okay so I am officially losing my mind.  I have been like this forever, and I will never change.

We just got back from a much needed, beautiful vacation in Hilton Head Island.  It was fabulous.  Lazy days of sleeping in, eggs and bacon and coffee, hours and hours at the beach.  It was just what we needed.

Camp starts tomorrow and now I am stressing what to pack for snacks and lunch!

Here are some fun pictures from our travels to Hilton Head.

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