4 Things All Moms Need for Christmas

1)  A Good Vacuum

I know, I know, most will say That is a Horrible Gift!!  Actually I just saw it on one of those Worst Gifts to Buy Lists.  But in my mind it is amazing to a mom that is constantly having to clean her house full of food crumbs and cut Barbie hair.  Most Moms will embrace a beautiful new vacuum.

2)  A Stock of Magic Erasers

These things are a God send.   They take marks out of basically everything.  Well, Sharpie on your rug may not come out with these but they are pretty good at making your house look at least semi normal.  Especially when your little one's like to draw their masterpieces on the walls!

3)  Coffee/Wine

Pick your poison.  I am not a big wine drinker, but I fully understand where a Mom might want a glass to unwind once in a while, but if I don't get my coffee in the morning I may not be someone that you want to cross paths with.

4)  A Day Off

All Moms need a day off once in a while, even if they lay in their pajamas and watch Lifetime movies all day without having little one's come in their room fifty thousand times.  They can shower in peace, and go to the bathroom in peace.  Maybe even get their hair or nails done.  Bring the kids somewhere and let Mom enjoy.

Merry Christmas to all my Moms and even those Dads that are Mom and Dad too (I am sure you can appreciate the above too!)

Enjoy and soak in all of the Magic of Christmas through your kids eyes.  There is nothing better!


The Kitchen Closes at 8pm

My husband has this problem, and yes I am telling his secret.  He Cooks.  Yup, my husband cooks.  Most of you are probably sitting there saying to yourself, "well why is this a problem?"  I wish my husband cooked?  Well there are a few problems you see.

He is a very good cook at the things he likes to cook, problem is that the girls and I don't like smoked food, and that is pretty much his specialty.  He does make a very good cheeseburger so I must give him credit there.

The second problem is that he cooks every night sooooo late.  Nothing like going to bed with the smell of broccoli and smoked meat wafting in the air.

Listen, I know he enjoys it, and I totally want to be very supportive of  hobby that he really enjoys. Supposedly his food is great for those that like that kind of food, but the late night cooking escapades have me nuts!!

I love waking up to a sink full of dishes totally overflowing onto the counter with food stuck to them. I know a lovely visual for you all.  This is especially wonderful when you are trying to get your kids ready for school and out the door on time!

I just need him to find a happy medium with all of this because I might actually lose my mind.  Some will say, "oh it's just what he is into now, he will move onto something else".  Well its been going on for over a year, and like I said he is good at what he does, but wow I am not liking the mess at midnight!


New Look, New Page

What do you think?  I am so so excited about this fresh new change.  It was definitely needed.  I have been looking to come back to blogging a lot more than I have in the past year, and I just needed a new page to start from.  I can not thank my AMAZING designer enough for all that she did.  Tiffany Kuehl of Tiffany Kuehl Designs is top notch.  She goes step by step with you and has an amazing eye for detail.  I am so happy with my new design.

How are all your Holiday preparations going?  I have my tree up, with lights, but no ornaments, tree skirt or topper.  I have my outside lights on with no wreath up yet.  And basically my house is a huge mess!  Looking forward to finishing up and getting everything going this weekend.

Yesterday was my daughter's Christmas play.  It is so amazing how they get 2,3 and 4 year olds all up on a stage doing a totally cute play.  The cute little faces singing their hearts out really is what this is all about.

My other issue of the day is that I am running out of places to put the Elf.  Our Elf is named Holly and Holly just moves from place to place.  No antics, etc.  Holly just keeps it simple, because when she returns from the North Pole she is extremely exhausted and has about two seconds to decide where she is going to land!

Alright, I know I jumped around on this post, but my brain is all over the place today!  Let me know in comments what you think of the new design!  I hope you love it.  Also, do you have any good places for Holly to go?